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This is one of the greatest moments ever for the purchase of investment properties. There is so much inventory, you won't have to rush to compete!  Whether you are looking for a rental property, a fixer upper to have as your family home, or rental opportunities, we will work at getting you that perfect property to fit your needs.  Ugly house? No problem.  Surely, you've noticed that EVERYBODY is buying ugly houses these days.

Already starting your real estate empire?  Share your experiences on our blog titled, "Share Your Experience".  Who knows, you might be able to help a first time purchaser.

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You might feel that the market is saturated with investors.  It might be, but it's not OVER-saturated.  It's literally impossible to run out of inventory.  Believe it or not, all real estate is an investment.  I'm sure you've heard that Real Estate is the most tax favored investment there is. 

With Birchwood Homes, you are working with a team of people, who like you, decided to take part in planning our futures.  We have bought homes, sold homes, lived in apartments dreaming of owning our own home.  We've raised our kids with limited space, wishing for more space.  We have also reached the point where, we've wished for less space.  We are warmly approachable.  We will walk you through all phases of your purchase decision. 

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